Dave Brown VAT Consultant

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My Background

Vat Consultant - Dave Brown - Listed Building Specialist

I have been working on a day-to-day basis on VAT matters since 1974.  Just printing that date makes me feel pretty old, but work it out for yourself – I am!  The first 13 years were spent being a VAT man, but eventually the stigma got too much and I decided that a career in accountancy beckoned. Thankfully, I didn’t do any accountancy as such, but instead started a successful foray into telling people how to pay as little VAT as is legally permissible.

Working in “general practice” in the West Country means that I have experience in all manner of business, from small farmers to multi-million turnover PLC’s.  However, one topic frequently arose out of the morass of doing VAT returns and registering people for VAT – that of VAT and property.  This is where the biggest sums exist, with the biggest risk of punitive action, should businesses get it wrong.  I therefore have enormous experience of dealing with property transactions.

In addition, I have been working as the national VAT adviser for the Listed Property Owners Club [LPOC] for about the last fifteen years.  Please refer to the "Listed Property" page on the site for more details about my services and about the LPOC.